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Are You Ready to Own Your Time?

During this 6 week program, you’ll gain the tools you need to:

  • Understand how to OWN YOUR TIME in ways that best serve YOU!
  • Learn to discern evolve and thrive within YOUR concept of time

Time Ownership is not a thing for you to have...
It’s a lifestyle for you to lead!

You're Invited to Break
Generational Persepectives

We will be releasing you from what others have taught you about how to “manage” your time and SHIFTING you into OWNING YOUR TIME to cultivate your own patterns of success!

Join our inaugural cohort of women of color who are seeking to become unstuck to that we can be unstoppable.

You Don't want to Miss this!
Class Starts February 7, 2023!


Hear what some of our students have said!

"#NoMoreSplashing ✨ Y’all my girl @carters_crafty_concepts just completed her first inaugural Time Ownership intensive and boy did we have a time! So proud of how God is moving in the ladies of The Wife Way group! Seeing them grow in their own might brings me so much joy."
The WIFE Studio

Meet Your Time Ownership Guide

Janea is a multifaceted woman learning and healing into the fact that showing up new as often as she needs to and in the capacity that best serves God herself and her purpose doesn’t make her inconsistent or unrelatable. She is a bright, LOUD, happy visionary who is unapologetically EXTRA TO THE MAX! She can also be very chill depending on how God is dealing with her and where HE has her in HIS process! She is a Perspective Shift Speaker, a loving wife and mother, and a luxury tumbler designer. She is also excited to embrace her newest assignment as a Time Ownership Guide here to help black women and women of color learn how to OWN THEIR TIME by releasing the chains of self betrayal and shifting their self perspective to become UNSTUCK and UNSTOPPABLE!

For only $747, you'll receive...

A renewed time perspective that centers YOU and shifts you from “managing” your time to OWNING YOUR TIME!

A guided walk to and through what SELF FORGIVENESS looks like for YOU SPECIFICALLY

Unapologetic access to the softness within your strength as we dismantle the false reality you’ve been trying and failing to live up to

A Restoration of your (or we will restore your) mental, physical, and emotional, humanity you’ve been denied societally, culturally, and generationally.

How do I Know if this is for me?

I’m still hesitant about the Time Ownership concept. How do I know if this is the right spot for me? Check the boxes below and you tell me!

If ANY of this resonates with you then yes The Time Ownership Lifestyle Guide is the right place for you! The only question at this point is are you at peace continuing to live your life this way? If so, we love you and wish you all the best! If not, then sis click the link the only thing stopping you is YOU!

This is an investment in your ongoing life experience NOT a transactional purchase! That’s why it’s called a LIFESTYLE GUIDE!

Still not sure about me and/or how the time ownership concept specifically applies to you?

We completely understand! Schedule a consultation call to see if we are a good fit.
(Your investment of a time ownership chat will be deposited towards the investment for  the Perspective Shift if purchased within 72 hours)